The Nameless Covenant


A) Aegis is elected as the leader and ultimate voice of our confederation. Every member may have a voice on any subject, but should there be a stalemate or other impasse it shall fall to Aegis to decide the final vote.

B) In the specific instance of Aegis as group leader, along with the above statement, he is also the de facto tactician and battle commander in most circumstances.

C) At any time a vote of no confidence may be called and the current group leader may be voted out of station and a new leader elected.


A) Should any group member make an aggressive or violent action towards a groupmate, the remainder of the party is to come to the defense of the victim. The group will then decide on the matter of chastening the offender.

B) The above also extends to theft and sabotage of property or ability (ability defined as mental, physical, supernatural, arcane, talent, skill and/or capability) of a party member.


A) For coin, mundane gems and other liquid treasure:

1) That which is found out in the open (in plain sight or not well hidden or obscured), or a hoard as from a dragon, shall be divided evenly among members.

2) That which is found by a single member (as in a chest, hidden compartment, shielded by spell or illusion, or on the body of a slain foe)shall be dealt as such: the value shall be divided into portions equaling n+1 where n is the number of people in the company. The person who made the find shall receive two portions and all others a single portion.

B) For magical items and gems, enchanted weapons and armor, and other usable and valuable items

1) Need before greed: An item that could be put to its best use by a party member shall be given to that member regardless of who found the item.

2) Any item not usable or not needed by any party member shall be set aside to be sold for coin (and this amount shared evenly), or held for another use (such as barter or trade for a service) at a later time.

The Nameless Covenant

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