!_Roland - Inactive

A scoundrel with a heart of gold, Roland tries to make peace with the conflict in himself and the world.



Roland in his past life was an Apprentice of The Guild by the name of Holland. He was chosen by the 3 Secret Thief after a young Roland/Holland nearly picked his pocket. Roland/Holland was a quick climber in The Guild until the night he turned on a fellow Guild member. He faked his death after an event that would become known as “The Failing."

Roland’s primary motivation is justice (or revenge) upon the worshipers of Xaphan for the murder of his family. He believes that the best way to achieve this goal is the accumulation of money and power. There are still moral lines that Roland will not cross, especially against children and orphans. Roland is loyal to his group with one eye ever wary of a double-cross, as is his Rogue-ish nature.

!_Roland - Inactive

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