Zz_Dirge - Deceased

Seeking to avert the fall of the Raven Queen - Dirge hopes to find salvation in the Undying War


A hulking beast over 7 feet tall and weighing in well over 300lbs, Dirge is a strong armed and tough fighter in the name of the Raven Queen. Every battle he humbly sends souls to his Queen. Never one to pass judgement or favor right and wrong, Dirge walks his path


Dirge Fought well with the Nameless of the Vale for many moons, but fell to a Reapers Blade in the Shadowfell. After being Resurrected by Jaelin, Dirge was different, changed. He was given the powers of the Raven Queen and told that he had to stay and help fight her war against the Vecna and Orcus…two beings of vast power looking to usurp her throne. A loyal minion to his mistress, he thanked her for his new status as a Winter Knight and departed the Nameless to fight in the Undying Wars.

Zz_Dirge - Deceased

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