• Cerulean


    A woman on a mission, she is the Seeker of the Rod of 7 parts. Her hope is that her quest will lead her to a murderer...
  • Chali


    A Rogue Drow, miraculously turned Eladrin.
  • !_Aegis - Missing In Action

    !_Aegis - Missing In Action

    A Paladin who seeks redemption from an uninformed life, Aegis protects the innocent and spreads the gosspel of Bahamut
  • !_Carric - Inactive

    !_Carric - Inactive

    Delightfully charismatic, Carric tries to avoid the authorities at every port by seeming less than he is...
  • !_Gorgol - Deceased (Potentially)

    !_Gorgol - Deceased (Potentially)

    A Big Ass Psionic Goliath...
  • !_Halifax - Missing In Action

    !_Halifax - Missing In Action

    A Dwarven Runepriest that has a penchant for loosing his pants.
  • !_Jaelin - Missing In Action

    !_Jaelin - Missing In Action

    A farm boy who sought out wisdom in the church of Pelor, he now strives to spread the word of light.
  • !_Roland - Inactive

    !_Roland - Inactive

    A scoundrel with a heart of gold, Roland tries to make peace with the conflict in himself and the world.
  • Andronsius


    An alchamist, Andronsius was saved by the Nameless during the Rescue of Rivenroar. He also asked them to investigate the Battlefield Downs for the Undead.
  • Baron Harken

    Baron Harken

    The aging ruler of Wanwood - Harken requested the aid of the Nameless to stop Cazakk from terrorizing his people. As a reqard he adopted Carric of the Nameless
  • Jalissa


    A young priestess of Ioun, who currently lives in Brindol. Currently in a relationship with Cerulean
  • Lady Jelenn

    Lady Jelenn

    The long term consort of Baron Harken, Jelenn rules by his side - working to reunite the Elves of the Sword Glade
  • Marovic


    Headmaster of the White Lotus Academy - he has recently found aid with the Nameless in fending off a Wild Magic assault from the Far Realm
  • Obrek


    A surly old dwarf Wizard who has a penchant for booze, cursing and breaking the law.
  • Sertanian


    A Castellan in Brindol - he was saved by the Nameless during the rescue at Rivernroar.
  • Sochan


    A ranking member in the Underworld of White Sands - he is the move and shaker of the North District.
  • Zerriksa


    An old crone rescued at Rivenroar, she did not endear herself to the Nameless during their time together.
  • Zz - Bejik Vuthaner - Deceased

    Zz - Bejik Vuthaner - Deceased

    A Dragonborn Zealot of Zehir who tried to raise up the fallen city of Morningfall - he was killed by the Nameless when he began terrorizing local villages.
  • Zz - Cazakk - Deceased

    Zz - Cazakk - Deceased

    A Red Dragon that had terrorized the Northtown of Wanwood - Cazakk would demand tribute on the Winter Solstice. He was ambushed and killed by the Nameless in the Winter of 14,998
  • Zz - Marrakesh - Deceased

    Zz - Marrakesh - Deceased

    Hailing from the Enduring Highland - he struggles to find his place in the world between being Dragonborn and Wizard. He died in 14,999 defending students during the Black Academy Raid.
  • Zz - Sinruth - Deceased

    Zz - Sinruth - Deceased

    The Leader of the 2nd Red Hand - Sinruth was responsible for terrorizing the people of Brindol. He was killed by the Nameless in the fall of 14,998
  • Zz- Instructor Trevors - Deceased

    Zz- Instructor Trevors - Deceased

    A creature from the Far Realm - Trevors infiltrated the White Lotus Academy to drain it of it's magical energies. He was killed by the Nameless.
  • Zz_Dirge - Deceased

    Zz_Dirge - Deceased

    Seeking to avert the fall of the Raven Queen - Dirge hopes to find salvation in the Undying War
  • Zz_Elka - Deceased

    Zz_Elka - Deceased

    Hailing from the Underground Kingdom, Elka seeks her destiny in the Vale - where she may find her killers.